Artificial Christmas trees

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The artificial Christmas tree is the perfect alternative to a traditional real Christmas tree. These days, artificial Christmas trees are almost indistinguishable from natural Christmas trees. An artificial Christmas tree has a metal/plastic base, the frame is made of metal and the branches themselves are made of PVC or PE material. You can easily set up an artificial Christmas tree out of the box, unfold and immediately decorate it with beautiful Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments. Nowadays, the foot is covered with a carpet of snow; however, a fabric in the colour of your decoration also complies. After the holidays, the artificial Christmas tree is easily and safely stored so you can enjoy the advantages of your artificial Christmas tree for several years. has a wide range of artificial Christmas trees without lighting. In our online store we offer snowy Christmas trees, white Christmas trees, dark green and light green Christmas trees. We offer a suitable artificial Christmas tree for everyone in our online Christmas shop. Look at our Christmas themes to have an inspiration to beautifully decorate your artificial Christmas tree.