Which available payment methods are offered?

  • Which available payment methods are offered?
    • We offer 2 available payment methods:
        • Paypal
        • Credit card


Credit card

We accept credit cards from Mastercard or Visa. If the credit card transaction is not accepted, your order will be cancelled. In that case, contact your bank or credit card company.



Easy and simple payment with PayPal. After ordering you will be directly redirected to the PayPal site.

How do I redeem a discount code?

When your order is complete, go to the shopping cart. The discount code can be entered on this page. You can find the input field at the bottom of the page. The discount is deducted immediately. Note: you can only enter 1 discount code at a time.

My discount code no longer works, how is that possible?

We’re sorry you’re having problems with your discount code. Please check the following:


- Check that the discount code has been entered correctly.

- Check that the discount code has not expired.

- Check the conditions of the discount code. Some discount codes are only valid on a specific item group and / or from a minimum order value.


Please contact our customer service if the discount code, after checking the above points, doesn’t work. 

I forgot to enter my discount code, can I enter a code afterwards?

The discount code can only be redeemed in the shopping cart. Did you forget to enter the discount code? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to settle discounts afterwards. But of course, you can use the discount code for a next order. Is the discount code no longer valid? Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram for new discount codes.

I get a payment error when completing my payment, what to do?

First check whether all data has been entered correctly and / or the amount has been debited from your bank account. If the amount has been debited and your order still can’t be completed, please contact our customer service.